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Unit 1 Standards:

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Lee Powers

Staci Children

Tia Wardle

Cyndi Williamson

Erle Akers

Ava Sullivan

Unit 1 Assessment Standards:

Tandalay Assessment Standards for Unit 1 (weeks 1-2): Movement Activities & Games

  1. Unit 1 Skills:
    1. Demonstrates clear contrasts between slow and fast movement when skipping (or hopping, galloping, sliding, etc.) (NASPE Standard 1).
    2. Demonstrates clear contrasts between heavy and light movements while traveling with various locomotor movements (revised NASPE Standard 1).
    3. Travels over and under objects and partners using locomotor skills (CA Standard Grade One; 1.2).
    4. Travels in front of and behind objects and partners using locomotor skills (CA Standard Grade One; 1.2).
  2. Compares and contrasts changes in heart rate before, during, and after physical activity. Discusses the demands on the heart during slow vs. fast movements (CA Standard Grade Two; 4.8-revised).
  3. Works in diverse group setting without interfering with others (NASPE Standard 5).
  4. Demonstrates the characteristics of sharing and cooperation in a physical activity setting (CA Standard 5, Grade One, 5.3).
  5. Newsletter topic/written assessment: States reasons for safe and controlled movements (NASPE Benchmark for Second Grade). Identifies appropriate behaviors for participating in physical activity (NASPE Benchmark for Second Grade).

Rubric Scoring

5 = Advanced

4 = Mastery

3 = Proficient

2 = Progressing

1 = Practice Encouraged

0 = Attempt Refused

Blank = Absence